CAIE Timetable June 2018


List of Books: Grade XI (Science)
Sunday, 16 Jul 2017

Recommended Book List 2017

Grade XI (Science)















Reference Books





1.   Doff, A; Jones, C and Mitchell, K. Meanings into Words (Intermediate) Students' Book and Workbook. Cambridge: CUP.

2.   Lohani, SP & Adhikary, RP.  The Magic of Words (A Collection of poetry, prose and drama), MK Publication.

3.   Link English, Sajha Prakashan.

Dictionaries: (any one)

·         Cambridge International Dictionary of English. Cambridge: CUP.

·         Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Latest Edition. Oxford: OUP.

1.        Doff, A; Jones C and Mitchell K. Meanings into Words (Intermediate). Teacher's Book. CUP.

2.        Swan, M. Basic English Usage. Oxford: OUP.




Theory Book:

1.   Khatri, MK et al. Principles of Physics, Aayam Publication.

Numerical Book:

1.   Shrestha, VK. Numerical Examples in Physics, Ratna Pustak Bhandar.

Short Answer Questions:

1.   Chhatkuli, DN. et al. Power Physics, Buddha Publication.

Practical Books:

1.   Rosyara, BR. Physics Practical Book, A to Z Publication.

2.   Neupane, SK. A Text Book of Practical Physics, Kala Publication.



1.        Rayamajhi, KB et al. Pioneer Physics, Dreamland Publication.

2.        Koirala, RP et al. Principle of Physics, Asmita Books Publication.

3.        Sears, FW et al. University Physics, 11th edition, Pearson Education Singapore.

4.        Nelkon and Parker. Advanced Level Physics, Heimesmann Education book.

5.        Duncan, T. Advanced Level Physics, John Murray.




Theory Book:

1.   Sthapit, MK et al. Foundations of Chemistry Taleju Prakashan.

Numerical Book:

1.   Rana, BP. Higher Secondary Numerical Chemistry Grade XI & XII, Pinnacle Publication.

Practical Books:

1.   Upadhyaya, DR et al. Pioneer Practical Chemistry, Dreamland Publication.

2.   Gautam, SD et al. A Proficient Experimental Chemistry Part I & II. Heritage Publication.

3.   Karna, SKL et al. Golden Practical Chemistry, Vidhyarthi Publication.

1.     Jain, SK. Conceptual Chemistry XI, S. Chand & Co.

2.    Jauhar, SP. Modern's abc of Chemistry for Class XI, Modern Publishers.

3.    Karna, SKL et al. A Textbook of Higher Secondary Chemistry Grade XI, Vidyarthi Pustak Bhandar.

4.    Gewali, MB et al. Principles of Chemistry for Class XI, Buddha Publication.

5.    Gautam, SD et al. Comprehensive Chemistry, Part 1, Heritage Publication.

6.    Pathak, TP et al. Rectified Chemistry, Airawati Prakashan.

7.    Bhatta, BD et al. Modern Approach to Chemistry Grade XI, Asmita Publication.

8.    Mishra, AD et al. Pioneer Chemistry, Dreamland Publication.




Theory Book:

1.   Keshari, A et al. A Text Book for Higher Secondary Biology, Vidhyarthi Publication.

Practical Book:

1.   Ranjitkar, HD. A Hand Book of Practical Biology

1.   Bhuju, DR et al. A Class Book of Higher Secondary Biology, Worldwide Publication.

2.   Singh, RP et al. Text Book of Biology Grade XI, Sukunda Publication.

3.   Arora, BB. Modern's abc of Biology,

4.   Bhatia, KN. Truman's Elementary Biology.

5.   Taylor, DJ et al. Biological Science, Cambridge University Press.




1.   Bajracharya, DR et al. Higher Secondary Level Basic Mathematics, Sukunda Publication.

1.     Bajracharya, PM and Basnet, G. Fundamentals of Mathematics for Grade XI, Buddha Publication.


Computer Science


1.   Adhikary, SN and Pudasaini, D. Computer Science Principle and Practices, Buddha Publication.

1.     Leon, A and Leon, M. Fundamental of Information Technology, Vikash Publishing House.



·   The Recommended Book List is based on the latest syllabi of Grade XI.

·   Students require Textbook(s) of each subject for regular study. 

·   We also suggest students to study Reference Books and other relevant materials for further knowledge.  

·   Students should consult the Latest Available Editions of the above mentioned books.