Subject Choice Advice

Subject Choice Advice


The future begins with you. Knowing yourself, who you are and what you want to be, is what shapes your future. It's your journey. Reflect upon your interests and needs. This can help figuring out what's the right course for your future.

Fulfill interests

Match needs

Plan future

Identify interests

Focus on study areas that really interest you. Find out which courses could prove fascinating and take expert advice.

Know the prerequisites

Keep in mind they vary. Check what prerequisites are needed for particular courses and which councils or authorities determine them.

Seek happiness

Think carefully about what sort of course you'd enjoy doing. Choose what's appealing and settle for what'd make your life happier.


Assess abilities

Think about your talents. Ask friends, family, and teachers what course you'd do well and trust your intuition.


Check availability

See if the course is available. Look for an alternative and, if necessary, go to a different institution or even abroad.


Look at the career scope

research target professions.

Look at the career prospects of the course. Consider factors like personal choice, income, or job security and fully

Do things you like

Consider your favorite activities. Ascertain what courses they are related to and discover your strengths in those areas.

Inspect details

Examine the course contents. Review the subjects taught and scrutinize the learning, assignments, and examination tasks involved.

Expand your options

Search for the career options related to

the course. Find out possibilities for further studies and career development.


Make things desirable

Make sure the course is interesting enough to complete easily. Ensure that it satisfies personal

preferences and holds your interest sufficiently for academic success.


Compare costs

Scrutinize the course affordability and fee structure. Remember that hidden costs may be high and be clear about the financial implications.


Analyze job trends

Learn about job markets here and abroad. Find out about developing sectors and verify if the course would assure a promising future.