Trinity Transportation, a core service to and fro the College, greatly helps in making Trinity students efficient and comfortable. College transport, usually buses, is need-based, comfortable, and reliable. Our well-managed operations are invariably safe, punctual, and well-networked.


College buses widely operate within Kathmandu Valley in three districts: Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur so as to serve as many of our students as feasible.   The location of Trinity International College, Dillibazar Height, Kathmandu, in the centre of the city, makes it easily accessible by College transport, public transport, or otherwise.



• Every day Trinity provides transport between home and college for over 700 pupils and a few faculty or staff members.


Our fleet is new and well-maintained. It essentially consists of maneuverable medium-sized buses with spacious and protected interiors.


• Our staff is smartly uniformed, most courteous, and well-trained.


The M.T.O., under the supervision of the Director, General Administration, is responsible for our fleet management & operations.


Trinity Transportation Rules & Regulations regarding transport provided by the College for Student Passengers & Commuters have been laid down for safe and smooth operation. These Rules & Regulations come under the Trinity Code of Conduct.


Financial Information




Students need to pay for transport each year @ NRs. 19,400 to 22,400 based on their pick up and drop off points.


Mode of Payment


Grade XI and AS Level Student Passengers have to pay 50% of the Annual Transport Fee at the time of admission and the remaining Fee (50%) has to be paid by the end of Mangsir 2075.

Grade XII and A2 Level Student Passengers have to pay the Annual Transport Fee in the beginning of Shrawan if they wish to avail the Transport Service for the second year.

Students must keep in mind, before applying for College Transport, that the Transport Fee is applicable on an annual basis.

Even if a Student Passenger chooses not to avail of College Transportation Service after having signed up and paid for using it, the Fee is charged for the whole year.

OPs Information

This is to inform all Trinity Student Passengers using College Transport during the Academic Session 2076/77 that the College Motor Transport Department has finalized ten need-based Bus Schedules (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I & J) with accompanying Routes, for the Morning and Day Shifts. The details of these bus routes with approximate timings are given hereafter.

Student Passengers need to choose those Bus Schedules which meet their requirements carefully in consultation with their Parents or Guardians and intimate their choice in writing to the Motor Transport Officer (MTO). They would also need to indicate whether they would use this transport service one way or both ways as per availability mentioned in each of the Bus Schedules. Presently, switching Bus Schedules is not allowed.


If needed, College Transport can stop anywhere between consecutive Points, i.e. Bus Stops.


These Bus Schedules have been made for the convenience of Student Passengers. They may be changed with or without information.


These Bus Schedules (and their accompanying Routes) shall remain in force until more Bus Schedules are added and/or our transport fleet strength increases with newer services.


For Specific Enquiries: Please contact the M.T.O.’s Office.

Queries and Comments

If you have a comment or concern about the operation of your transport provided (ie the vehicle, the driver, or time keeping) please email:



The latest Updates regarding College Transportation are available on the College website -