Trinity International College offers a pleasant campus environment along with a fine residential infrastructure to its boarders. Our distinctive logistics covers the Halls of Residence with Hostel and Cafeteria services. These core Services are aimed at making our boarders comfortable and efficient.


Our Halls of Residence comprising one Hostel for boys and another for girls include two well-managed Cafeterias. The living areas are pleasing and the food is continually tested for its gastronomic value.



Our Services are continually reviewed and upgraded.

   Rooms are well-maintained.

   Meals are provided all days of the week during the academic year.

   Academic assistance is given through a peer support program.

   Social and sporting activities are frequently organized.

   Round-the-clock hostel staff is available for assistance.

   Genuine grievances are handled expeditiously.

Accommodation & Utilities


Living  spaces  for  boarders  comprise  well-ventilated  single  or  shared  rooms  or small dormitories. These spaces are ideal for academic life. In the living space for each boarder is a bed, mattress, mosquito net, furniture, rubbish bin, latch, secure windows, carpet, and curtains.

Furniture: Each living space contains a single bed, study desk with chair, and wardrobe.

Fittings & Fixtures: All necessary light fixtures, furnishings, utility items, decorations, and plumbing fixtures are fixed in each living area for the convenience of the inmates.

Utilities:  The Halls of Residence provide adequate electricity, water, and sanitation.

Health Care & Hygiene


The  College  Dispensary  handles  minor  medical  needs  including  first-aid;  the College Medical Officer supervises medicare. Trinity housekeeping staff maintains the cleanliness of all living spaces, lobbies, passages, and bathrooms. Boarders need to clean their rooms and to remove rubbish. Laundry facilities are available in each Hostel. We adhere to the highest standards of hygienic sanitation since we wish to protect the health of our boarders. The College campus is a healthy place in which to live study or play. We supply enough clean water for hygienic purposes and monitor the personal hygiene of all hostellers and the supporting staff.

Food Service


Trinity provides a comprehensive meals service to its boarders. Five nutritionally balanced well-cooked meals are provided to the boarders: Early Breakfast (06:00 hrs), Morning Meal (10:00 hrs), Tiffin (14:30 hrs), Evening Tea (17:30 hrs), and Dinner (20:00 hrs). The Cafeterias are invariably open from slightly before 06:00 to a bit after 20:00 hours daily, seven days a week. Food choice addresses vegetarian and non- vegetarian needs; all items are prepared most hygienically. The food provided by Trinity Cafeterias is tested, qualitative, clean, tasty, fresh, warm, and affordable. The service is fast and efficient.  The College is most particular about hygienic measures for ensuring food safety for the residents. We take care to avoid water pollution through contamination. Normally, we are able to cater for special food requirements especially under medical advice.

Menus: Hostellers are provided both table d hote and a la carte menus according to the meal times.

Prep & Resource Center


This important Service takes care of the preparing of lessons and the completion of homework of all the boarders. The Library is open for boarders till late evening Sunday through Friday.

Entertainment & Recreation


Entertainment includes watching TV or an occasional film, surfing the Internet, spending time in the reading room, and pursuing hobbies schedule-wise. Hostellers have access to many games and sports such as basketball, cricket, or table tennis and indoor games like chess.

Security & Miscellaneous Services


Trinity employs a round-the-clock security service. Our system is managed by reputed, alert, strict, and tested security personnel. They safeguard personal and institutional well-being. Internet facilities are available for all boarders free of charge on a scheduled basis. Telephone Services (STD or ISD or Mobile) are available at the Supervisor's office on payment.



The Halls of Residence have a most congenial atmosphere. Our Services for hostellers cater to both academic quality and personal excellence.

Discipline:  Boarders at the Halls of Residence are governed by the Rules & Regulations, Halls of Residence, Trinity International College, which come under the purview of the Trinity Code of Conduct. These have been laid down to provide the finest of hostelling through rightful satisfaction and smooth functioning. A high level of discipline, and decorum, amongst the dwellers in the Hostels, and all other areas falling within the Halls of Residence, is always maintained. Residents have to follow the Guidelines given in the Halls of Residence Handbook which serve as an outline of our College policy and the conduct we expect from our boarders. They touch upon the rules and conditions governing occupancy.

Leave: Home Visit Permits are mandatory for boarders to leave the Hostels for over-night or weekend stays. Leave Passes, for other trips or visits outside the campus with or without night-stays, are given only after thorough scrutiny. Schedules: Boarders must comply with Hostel schedules, or routines, fully and punctually.

Financial Info


Costs: Fees need to be paid on time for admission and continuance thereof in the Hostels. Boarders are required to pay all residential fees in accordance with the approved schedule of fees. Residents are contracted for a full academic year. Should boarders wish to break their contract during the academic year, they are required to give a month's notice of their intention to leave. They will be required to pay the normal rate in lieu of notice if it is not given.

Note: Hostel Fees cover board and lodging, bedding, laundry, and prep classes.

Mode of Payment: Fees are paid in advance on a monthly basis by cash, cheque, or draft. Charges apply for late payments.



Admission Fee   NRs. 15,000

Security Deposit NRs. 4,000

Monthly Fee       NRs. 13,000



Our Hostels adjoin the College which lies in the centre of the city in a quiet, open, and lush spot with a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Hostel Admission


Only bona fide students enrolled in Trinity International College are eligible for Hostel Admission. Students, males or females, interested in becoming boarders need to submit their completed Applications on or before the specified date.


Queries & Comments


If you have a comment or concern about any of the Services we provide, please email:


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For more information please contact the Warden-in-Chief.


Detailed  information  is  available  in  the  Halls  of  Residence  Handbook,  Trinity International College.