Shift & Timing

Shift & Timing


The College Routine has been devised according to NEB and University of Cambridge benchmarks and Trinity policies for the academic achievement and overall development of each student.


Trinity Class Routines (+2/A Levels) have been standardized in keeping with the guidelines of the NEB and University of Cambridge relating to subject syllabi. Tutorial, practical, and demonstration classes have been set on the basis of period allocation for each subject.


Commencement of Classes


Shift Spring/Summer/Autumn Winter
+2 Morning
06.20 am 06.30 am
Day 11.15 am 11.10 am
A Levels 11.00 am


Daily Period Allocation


Science Management Humanities
+2 8 5 (or 6) 5
  Science Management Humanities
A Levels 8 8 8




 All regular classes for +2/A Levels follow the Academic Calendar.


  The Class Routine for all science students has been developed on a weekly basis incorporating theory, practical, and demonstration sessions.


 The Class Routine for all Management and Humanities students is on a daily basis while practical & demonstration sessions of some subjects therein are according to subject guidelines.


 Classes consist of periods of 40 to 50 minutes’ duration. In winter, each period is of 40 to 45 minutes’ duration.


  Students can take additional subjects only after due permission from the concerned Coordinators/Directors  who shall take into account need and aptitude.