Vision, Mission & Values


To be a leading college for academic excellence  that  will  be  the  first choice of students in Nepal




Trinity strives to provide qualitative education for the intellectual, social, and personal transformation of students. We endeavour to be a supportive platform that nurtures their talents and abilities for the future.

The College is committed to deliver teaching & learning of the highest standards that is modern, pragmatic, and effective. We seek to offer a competitive environment with new ways of understanding, active engagement, and continuous encouragement for student success.




Respect: Value others & yourself in words & deeds.

Care: Consider the needs of others & be kind.

Honesty: Do the right thing and be a trustworthy citizen.
Responsibility: Be accountable for your behaviour & actions.

Fairness: Treat all equally and act in a transparent manner.
Effort: Work to the best of your abilities & have a can-do spirit.
Teamwork: Work together for academic excellence & social betterment.