BBM (Bachelor of Business Management)

The   Bachelor  of  Business  Management (BBM)  is  course designed by the Faculty of Management (FOM), Tribhuvan University, for would-be business and managerial professionals.


BBM graduates obtain the knowledge & skills to handle effectively and confidently the continuously changing national and global business environment marked by intense competition & dynamism.


A newly launched 4-year 8-semester course, the BBM covers 120 credit hours while each semester comprises16 weeks of concentrated study.

How BBM will Benefit You...

Esteemed University
Accredition & Recognition
Tribhuvan University, a centre of quality education, is Nepal’s oldest, largest, and most reputed university. BBM is one of its qualitative programmes accredited and recognized globally.

Global Recognition
Credit Transfer & Study Options

The four-year programme with adequate electives makes it internationally acceptable. BBM students can choose to transfer credits while they are studying. Alternately, they can do Master’s Degrees directly after graduating.

Latest Curriculum
Width & Depth

The curriculum is both broad and deep incorporating theoretical knowledge  and  practical   skills.   It integrates distinct course components with the latest changes in the business & managerial environment.

Solid Foundation
Business & Management

This course imparts requisite conceptual knowledge of business & management. It also builds a foundation in allied areas such as communication, economics, statistics, and law helping students to understand management practices.

Varied Careers
Jobs & Prospects

More and more jobs are being created in an increasingly well-managed business driven world. There is a multiplicity of career opportunities for BBM graduates in different sectors of business & management.

Entrepreneurial Skills
Motivation & Capability

Students take the initiative to set up their own ventures by exploring new opportunities. BBM instills entrepreneurship, and encourages graduates to become effective agents of change in society.

Professional Preparedness
Projects & Internships

During  the  course,  ample  professional  exposure  to projects and internships makes for real-world experience. This helps focusing on key interests, career objectives, and job opportunities.

Course Structure

The BBM course of 120 credit hours is a 4-year programme spreading over eight semesters, each comprising 16 weeks of intensive study. Its curricular course structure has business foundation & tools along with focus & elective areas.

Career Opportunities

Employers are always in need of business graduates for a broad range of vital placements like Operations, Sales, Accounts, and HR. Students  pursue  business  education   and learn skills helping them to assume diverse management and administrative roles. Employers invariably seek qualified and smart business administration graduates for managing their businesses.


Career by Areas

   Banking, Finance & Insurance – Entry-level positions in banks, finance, and insurance companies

   Corporations & Factories – Marketing, finance, operations & human resources managers

   Entrepreneurship – Self-entrepreneurship with the acquired enthusiasm and learning

   Government, NGOs & INGOs Administrative positions in various capacities in different organizations

   Stock Market – Brokers, investors, or portfolio managers

   Sales & Marketing – Advertisement or sales managers & management trainees

   Hospitality & Tourism – Staff or managers in airlines, hotel, or travel agencies

   Human Resources – Jobs related to hiring, placements, and performance evaluation & appraisals

Trinity The Right Platform

Academic Environment

Known for its culture of excellence, it’s a college where students truly enjoy a unique academic environment enabling them to excel academically as well as professionally.


Committed Faculty

Our expert and experienced faculty deliver the best quality in professional education. Teachers regularly monitor academic progress, give personalized instruction, and guide students.


Perfect Methodology

Trinity uses tested techniques in teaching and adopts a flexible approach to help students learn better and more. We emphasize the use of modern technology for effective learning.


Sound Infrastructure

Trinity is architecturally sound with quiet, well-designed buildings providing required modern facilities to students. Our classrooms are big, well-lit, and airy and the campus is spacious.


Superb Facilities

We have state-of-the-art labs and a well-stocked library. The College also has hygienic cafeterias plus various games & sports to maintain the health of students.


Extra Tutorials

The College organizes extra tutorials throughout the academic session. These intensive tutorial classes are arranged on the basis of a student’s proficiency, need, or request.


Project Work & Research

Trinity provides students with ample opportunities to integrate their coursework knowledge with professional applications by project work & research. They help students to pursue higher degrees or gain workplace  skills.


Outstanding Results

Our students invariably get excellent results. The College continues to produce many toppers. Their laudable performance is a source of  inspiration  to many a student.

BBM at Trinity

An Extra Edge
Vital inputs supplement the regular course as they meet the diverse learning needs of students and improve their employability. Moreover, these non-credit inputs build technical competencies, problem solving abilities, and managerial skills.

Professional Training
Non-syllabus courses cover the latest and important changes in professional areas to update students. We provide professionalcourses such as writing business plans and entrepreneurship
development training for career development.

Computer Skills
We offer computer training relating to management like Tally or Excel. This bridges the gap between the set curriculum and ever-evolving professional needs.

Corporate Interaction
Eminent professionals & guest lecturers from correlated fields are regularly invited at the College for workshops. We regularly organize industrial visits for students to gain firsthand
experience through interaction.

Language Proficiency
English Language proficiency is essential for professionalism. Knowledge of General English, technical writing, and presentations facilitate the easy entry of our graduates into diverse careers.

Personality Development
We carefully groom students in self-management techniques and interpersonal skills through personality development sessions. These deal with self-awareness, body language, time management, professional attire, and social etiquette.

Placement Support
Our Placement Office supports graduates in finding the right kind of openings and job environment here or abroad. This Office also helps them prepare documents & CVs and face interviews.


Activities Beyond Classrooms


We have state-of-the-art infrastructure and superb facilities in a friendly teaching-learning environment for our students.

Trinity has ample textbooks, reference and pleasure reading books, research & project reports, audio-visual materials, and educational gadgetry. Latest top journals, magazines, and newspapers are also available.

The Internet
The College has high-speed uninterrupted internet connectivity. The lab particularly helps students to improve their computer & IT skills, and assists in E-learning. Lab supervisors are  extremely supportive.

Conference Hall
Our Conference Hall facilitates conducting workshops, lectures, or conferences that are regular events on the campus. The Hall is equipped with the latest educational technology.

Trinity has basketball, badminton, and table tennis courts as well as indoor game places for other sports or games. It also organizes regular matches and tournaments along with excursions & appropriate outdoor activities.

Cafeterias at Trinity offer fresh, clean, and nutritious food at affordable prices. The quality of food is carefully checked periodically and thoroughly to maintain the health of our students, faculty, and staff.

Admission Process

Students interested in joining BBM at Trinity would need to go through a fair but rigorous admission process.

The candidate applying for admission to the BBM programme must have successfully completed +2 or an equivalent exam with at least 45% or CGPA 1.8.

Application Form
Application forms are available at the College Administrative Office. Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with supporting documents and photographs by the given deadline.

TU Entrance Exam
Since the objective of the TU admission policy is to select students on a competitive basis, getting through CMAT is mandatory. Questions asked are from related subject areas. Sample Test Papers can be collected from the College along with Application forms.

Personal Interview
Students who clear the Entrance Exam need to appear for their Personal Interviews on the given dates & timings. They ought to be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Offer Letter
Selected applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission with or without offers of Scholarships. To get admitted, they need to submit their acceptance along with needed original certificates or testimonials within the stipulated period.

Once the College receives a letter of acceptance, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees.