A Good Option

Popular & Affordable

Reputed University
Accreditation & Recognition

Tribhuvan University, a source and centre of quality education, is Nepal's oldest, largest, and most reputed university. TU's qualitative programs, including the BBS, are accredited and recognized globally.

International Acceptance
4-Year Degree & Electives

Its four-year duration and adequate electives make this Bachelor's program internationally acceptable. This Degree, in addition, has the advantage of credit transfer and further study program options.

Popular Degree
Access & Quality

A pure management Degree named Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), it is widely offered by many reputed universities. The course is most popular with numerous management students because of its quality.

Modernized Curriculum

Width & Depth

The revised curriculum is both broad and deep incorporating management concepts and reality-based skills. It integrates distinct course components with the latest changes in the business environment.

Strong Foundation
Business & Administration

This course imparts requisite conceptual knowledge of business and administration. It also builds a foundation in allied areas such as language, economics, statistics, and law helping students to understand management practices.

Specialization Opportunity
Choice & Expertise

The Degree offers an opportunity to concentrate on a specialized area such as accounting, finance, human resource management, or marketing. This provides graduates with a certain degree of functional expertise.

Diverse Careers
Jobs & Prospects
More and more jobs are being created in an increasingly businessdriven world. There are a variety of career opportunities for BBS graduates in different sectors of business.

Entrepreneurial Development
Willingness & Capability

Students take the initiative to set up their own ventures by exploring new opportunities. The course instills entrepreneurial skills and encourages graduates to become effective change agents in society.

Program Outline

First Year Subjects
MGT 201 Business English (100 Marks)
MGT 202 Business Statistics (100 Marks)
MGT 203 Business Economics-I (100 Marks)
MGT 211 Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning (100 Marks)
MGT 213 Principles of Management (100 Marks)

Minimum General Requirements
The minimum general requirements for the 4-year BBS program are as follows:

1. An academic year will consist of a minimum of 150 teaching days excluding the days taken for admission and annual examinations.

2. The total instructional hours in an academic year will be 615 (150 days x 4:10 hours a day). For courses requiring field and practical work, additional hours of study will be required.

3. There will be a minimum of five periods (i.e. class hours) each teaching day.

Graduation Requirements
The BBS program extends over four academic years and the BBS degree is awarded on its successful completion. All candidates for the BBS Degree must fulfill the following requirements:

1. The successful completion of 2000 marks as prescribed with passing grades in all the courses (subjects)

2. The passing scores obtained in all theory and practical components of each course separately

3. Completion of courses for the fulfillment of the BBS program within the time limit prescribed by Tribhuvan University

For further details, please visit:

at Trinity

An Extra Edge

Vital inputs supplement the regular course as they meet the diverse learning needs of students and improve their employability. Moreover, these non-credit inputs build technical ompetencies,
problem solving abilities, and managerial skills.

Professional Training
Non-syllabus courses cover latest and important changes in business & administration. Students can thereby adjust to rapid changes in this field and update their knowledge.

Computer Skills
Computer training relating to management, such as accounting or statistics, is provided. This bridges the gap between the set curriculum and ever-evolving professional needs.

Corporate Interaction
Eminent professionals from correlated fields give lectures on diverse useful topics. To encourage interaction, students of all branches go on industrial trips at least once a year.

Language Proficiency
English Language proficiency is essential for professionalism. Knowledge of General English, technical writing, and presentations facilitate the easy entry of our graduates into a demanding corporate world.

Personality Development
We carefully groom students in self-management techniques and interpersonal skills through personality development sessions. These deal with self-awareness, body language, time management, corporate dressing, and social etiquette.

Placement Support
Our Placement Office supports graduates in finding the right kind of openings and job environment here or abroad. This Office also helps them prepare documents & CVs and face interviews. world.

A Great Place to Learn…

Because of its distinctive features, Trinity is a leading educational institution. Known for its culture of excellence, it's a college where students truly enjoy a unique academic environment enabling them to excel academically as well as professionally.

Expert Faculty
Our dedicated and experienced faculty delivers the best quality in professional education. Teachers regularly monitor academic progress, give personalized instruction, and guide students.

Perfect Methodology
Trinity uses tested techniques in teaching and adopts a flexible approach to help students learn better and more. We emphasize the use of modern technology for effective learning.

Timely Assessment

The College periodically assesses performance through exams and tests. Evaluation covers semester exams alongside internal exams, homework, and attendance.

Enriching ECAs

Trinity also conducts varied ECAs for the holistic development of students. We encourage students to participate in activities at college, national & even international levels.

Effective Counseling

The College gives need-based personal and academic counseling. The Placement Office helps students in educational planning for further studies and careers.

Superb Facilities
We have state-of-the-art labs and a well-stocked library. The College also has hygienic cafeterias plus games and sports to meet the needs of students.

Behavioral Excellence
Our behavioral practice enables students internalize moral values and develops self-discipline. Our positive discipline nurtures academic achievement and personal development.

Abiding Recognition
Trinity is the leading educational institution. It's esteemed locally, nationally, and internationally for its students' notable achievements and excellent behavior.


Trinity has ample textbooks, reference & pleasure reading books, research & project reports, audio-visual materials, and educational gadgetry. Online access to international library networks and latest top journals, magazines, and newspapers are available.

Computers & Internet
The College has a state-of-the-art computer lab with high speed uninterrupted Internet connectivity. The lab particularly helps students to improve their computer & IT skills and assists in E-learning. Lab supervisors are extremely supportive.


There are well-maintained, spacious, and well-equipped labs with modern apparatus and ample materials. Technical staff provides close support to students to transform their learning into useful practical knowledge.

Conference facilities
Conference halls facilitate the organization of workshops, lectures, or conferences that are regular events on the campus. The halls are equipped with the latest educational technology.

Trinity has basketball and table tennis courts as well as indoor game places for sports and games. It also organizes regular matches & tournaments and encourages excursions & appropriate outdoor activities.

Cafeterias at Trinity offer fresh, clean, and nutritious food at affordable prices. The quality of food is carefully checked periodically and thoroughly to maintain the health of our students, faculty, and staff.

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities (ECAs) take place outside regular class teaching and yet are related to student learning and the core curriculum. The College has different clubs, namely, Academic,
Tech, Arts, Management, Sports, Publication, Interest, and Social Services.

ECAs at Trinity take care of the different developmental needs of students such as their attitudes, skills, and creativity. We give students opportunities to organize ECAs
to gain first-hand experience of program planning and leadership enabling them to discover and develop their potential.

Through active participation, students learn to communicate, to cooperate with other people, and to enrich their life experience. They acquire new skills in management, organization, and teamwork improving their employment opportunities and career prospects.

Supporting Your Education
Our scholarships aim at rewarding outstanding students who intend to join BA at Trinity so as to recognize and promote scholastic excellence. We offer scholarships to meritorious and deserving students who fulfill the expected criteria.

Scholarships based on

HSEB +2 Marks

Trinity awards scholarships to students joining BBS who obtain high marks in the +2 exams.

Type Particulars Min % In +2 Scholarships
I Excellence Award 80% 100%
Tuition Fee Waiver
II Achievement Award 75% 50%
Tuition Fee Waiver
III Merit Award 70% 25%
Tuition Fee Waiver

Scholarships based on

Term Exam Results

BBS students who get the top two positions in Term Exams are rewarded with scholarships.

Scholarship Particulars      No of Scholarships
TRINITY Scholar Award   2

First and second position holders shall be awarded scholarships with 50% and 25% tuition fee waivers respectively. The awardees must obtain at least first division marks in term exams.

Note In case a student is eligible to get two, or more, scholarships, he or she shall be allotted only one scholarship whichever is of greater. or the greatest, value.

Admission Process
Students interested in joining BBS at Trinity would need to go through a fair but rigorous admission process.


Applicants need at least 50% in +2 or an equivalent exam to secure admission.

Application Form
Trinity Entrance Exam Application forms are available for BBS. Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with supporting documents and photographs by the given deadline.

Entrance Exam

Getting through the Exam is mandatory for BBS since the objective of the TU admission policy is to select students on a competitive basis. Questions asked are from related subject areas. Sample Test Papers can be collected from Trinity along with Application forms.

Personal Interview
Students who clear the Entrance Exam need to appear for the Personal Interview immediately thereafter. They ought to be accompanied by their parents or guardians for this interview.

Offer Letter
Selected applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission with or without offers of Scholarships. They need to submit their acceptance along with needed original certificates or testimonials within the stipulated period to get admitted.

Once the College receives a letter of acceptance, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees.