CEO's Message

Dear All


You would be happy to learn that Trinity is now considered as Nepal's leading institution for the +2 programme. It also runs excellent Cambridge International A Levels and TU affiliated Bachelor's & Master's programmes.


We focus on academic achievement of the highest order that is reinforced by all-round education & personality development. With unprecedented attainment over the decade, we feel all the more committed to ensuring the best possible environment including state- of-the-art infrastructure for the continuing success of our students.


Trinity has many advantages: The College offers wide-ranging scholarships to deserving students. Its academic courses reflect the highest standards of teaching-learning. It imparts ideal education for a secure and successful future for every Trinitian.


Our dynamic Trinity team continues to be fully committed to its institutional vision and applies itself most diligently for manifesting the mission of the set-up. As the Academic Session 2018-2020 commences, it gives me great delight to invite you all to be a special part of this admirable college.


Best regards


Umesh Thapa