Introduction To TIS
Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,

We are happy to remind you all about the TRINITY INFORMATION SYSTEM (TIS) at

The TRINITY INFORMATION SYSTEM is a fully web-based integrated College Information System that connects students, parents, teachers and staff. By providing quick and easy web access to all pertinent college information such as Notices, Routines, Attendance, Results, Assignments, and Fees' Details, the System brings all concerned people together efficiently and productively.


·  Integration of all administrative activities in one system

·  Web-based access from any internet-connected computer without the requirement of any special software

·  24 hours a day/365 days a year availability

Daily attendance is easily tracked through T & A Machine, which is then automatically updated. The Administrator can check the number of absentees, their entry and exit time. This apart, the parents/guardians can also simultaneously check whether or not their wards are absent. Additionally, they can view the past record of their ward’s attendance. The most wonderful benefit of this system is that the Administrator // parents/guardians can easily track down any student/their ward who has bunked classes or arrived late at the College.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is used to present relevant information graphically and speedily. This simply allows a one-click access to any detail.

Results are automatically generated by posting data from student records. The marks obtained, highest marks, class rank, honor/s and other relevant student-centered information are automatically generated as per the standards set by the College. Likewise, the past academic performance of students can also be viewed easily.

Class Routine

Students can view their daily and weekly class routines which are promptly updated if any change occurs. These routines also show the names of the respective section-wise subject teachers.

Fees' Details

Needed information regarding the accounts section can be easily viewed. The concerned students/parents/guardians can view the paid amount, outstanding amount, date of payment, and other related matters.

Disciplinary action is presented according to the type of incident and the action taken.

Teachers' online assignments can be accessed by students through TIS Message Board. The title, subject, names of teachers giving the assignments and the deadline of completion would be available on this Message Board. The main objective of the Message Board is to ensure easy communication among students, parents, guardians, teachers, and staff.

How to create an on-line account (

For Students: Under login section Choose the STUDENT user and fill the on-line form. The system (login ID) is automatically created if items marked with an asterisk (*) match with the information given in the application form filled at the time of the admission of the students. The Bar code is imprinted on the Student’s Identity Card.

For Parents/Guardians: Choose the GUARDIAN user and fill the on-line form. The system is automatically created if items marked with an asterisk (*) match with those given in the application form at the time of the admission of their ward. The Guardian Registration Code Number can be collected from the College Administrator via telephone/email.  

In case any information in the TIS is incomplete or incorrect, please inform us immediately. We would also appreciate suggestions for improving the TIS for the benefit of all concerned.

Best wishes

Yours truly


General Administration